PIA Testing Report

Here’s the checklist sheet to PIA VPN’s score.

I went through the 28 testing elements on Private Internet Access.

The final score is 71 over 100!

PIA Score Card

Inspect ElementsCheckedPoint Weight
Kill Switch4/4
Outside 14 Eyes0/4
No Logs4/4
OpenVPN Protocol4/4
Double VPN Servers Routing0/4
Private DNS4/4
No Bandwidth Limit3/3
P2P Function3/3
Public Wifi Protection4/4
Own Server Farm4/4
Google Play Review33,9495/5
App Store Review64,2465/5
Download Speed Reduction1/4
Upload Speed Reduction2/4
Unlimited Devices0/2
Obfuscation/Camouflage Mode0/3
DNS Leak Test4/4
WebRTC Leak Test4/4
IPV6 Leak Test4/4
Auto Connect4/4
GPS Spoofing0/4
Secure Hotspot3/3
Auto Cookies Deletion0/2
Ddos Protection2/2
Scan Downloaded File0/2

Ranked 9th among all the best VPNs tested.

  1. Beta Distribution for Google Play and App Store Review

Playstore review of 4.5 stars rating from 33,949 individuals score is 0.90

Appstore review of 4.7 stars rating from 64,246 individuals score is 0.94

A calculation closer to 1 is better.
1.00 < x < 0.8 – earn 5 points
0.79 < x < 0.6 – earn 4 points
0.59 < x < 0.4 – earn 3 points
0.39 < x < 0.2 – earn 2 points
0.19 < x < 0.0 – earn 1 point

  1. Speed Test
TypeWithout PIAWith PIADifference in %
speed test without pia
Without PIA
speed test with pia
With PIA

We are using fast.com to run the speed test for download and upload speed.
x < 5% – earn 4 points
x < 10% – earn 3 points
x < 15% – earn 2 points
x < 20% – earn 1 point

  1. Latency / Ping Test
LocationsWithout PIAWith PIADifference
Washington305 ms491 ms+186 ms
San Francisco200 ms414 ms+214 ms
Sao Paulo413 ms606 ms+193 ms
Hong Kong59 ms298 ms+239 ms
Amsterdam193 ms407 ms+214 ms
Moscow302 ms454 ms+152 ms
Average245 ms445 ms+200 ms
ping test without pia
Without PIA
ping test with pia
With PIA

The greater the measure distance, the higher the ping time will be.
x < 60 ms – earn 4 points
x < 100 ms – earn 3 points
x < 150 ms – earn 2 points
x < 200 ms – earn 1 point

  1. DNS Leak Test
dns leak test with pia

PIA VPN passed the DNS leak test.

  1. WebRTC Test
webRTC leak test with pia

Though it did not show my exact location, the Public IP showing is from Netherland whereas I am connecting to the Singapore server. It does raise some concerns and worries for me.

  1. IPV6 Leak Test
ipv6 leak test with pia


  1. Misc – Server

There was over 3200 servers across 46 nations from PIA. The most important part is that they owned and managed all of them just like ExpressVPN.

live chat support from PIA

Final Word

There goes my complete testing on PIA VPN.

They are not an all-rounded VPN for sure. The streaming capability is not what I am expecting.

If you are looking for Netflix or Hulu streaming, go for NordVPN or CyberGhost.

PIA VPN did not score well in speed and ping tests either. A faster and reasonably priced VPN that I’ve tested has to go to Surfshark.

One of the better sides is that all their servers are P2P compliant, which is great for torrenting.

Find out more at PrivateInternetAccess.com

… or read my PIA VPN review here.