Why Do You Need A Cloud Storage?

You might be asking yourself the very same question. Why do you need a cloud storage? Or at least I did ask the same question before I come into decision to finally get one.

I’ve got external hard drive, bunch of free pen-drive and 1 GB free Dropbox if I really need extra capacity for my data or files. I’m just guessing I’m good with it.

But the problem here are you utilizing your hard drive and pen-drive? I know I’m too lazy to plug in and plug out the external storage device all the time unless I really need to do so. In fact, we do need to double copy and backup our stuff as we all know our computer will failed on us one day.

Great. Dropbox is a good service, very convenient and backup my stuff in seconds. But do the 1 GB free capacity enough? If you need to upgrade, you’ll have to pay the hefty price for extra storage. Well, it may seems like a good start, but I’ll just avoid it for the trouble later on.

Do I Need A Cloud Storage

The Reason I Need Cloud Storage

Here’s some of the common reasons that why I need a cloud storage, it might not be applicable to you. But is no harm to know a few excuses for yourself too.

In fact, most of the people I met in a discussion forum do share the same pain and experience. So, I thought it would be good if I can put it down in word. It could be the same case for you but you just haven’t realize yet.

I’m A Movie Goer & Music Is My Life

I’ve got a whole music collection that I need to be accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device. Wow, seems like an Ipod can solve your problem here.

But wait until you see LiveDrive. LiveDrive enable you to live stream all your music and movies from the web of your cloud storage. So, you can just copy all your music and movies collection that you’ve bought onto the cloud storage and need not to purchase or download from Ipod again.

old cassette

Lazy To Use Any External Storage Device

Well, I’m into this category for sure. Most of the time, I would just choose not to use any external storage device. Be it a SATA hard disk, cute pen-drive or burn it into a CD. I’m just too lazy to do it. No reason, so please do not ask why.

In this case, I would like to get something that can backup my stuff automatically in the background. I’ve actually found that service in Carbonite. Believe it or not, I’ve actually tested it and it work like a charm. It does not affect my PC performance yet it can backup my computer and update my stuff automatically in the background.

External hard drive

I Need To Access My Work From All Over The Place

During the old time, I upload my work to email (hotmail, gmail) so I can get a copy of those on the web when I’m working my stuff in my PC at the office. Then when I get home, I would download the things back into my laptop using the email I’ve just sent myself.

I still do the same old trick but only limit to simple task. If it require a large file, I’ll utilize the syncing function from JustCloud. For a few dollar a month, I believe I can afford them if they can make my job more easier.


So, do you need an excuse for your online cloud storage? Or maybe not?

May be you can add a few here in the comment.