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Zero-Knowledge Encryption Cloud Security: What’s the hype about?

When it comes to cloud security, we all look for private or end-to-end encryption on our data.

After all, we all would like to know how our files can be safe in the cloud storage.

That’s why we’ve come out with the most secure cloud storage in the first place.

But, what happens if those files are leaked or hacked?

What happens when authorities show up to your provider’s offices with a warrant?

Your data are exposed when it comes to these situations.

Therefore, it is imperative that your cloud storage is secured.

While the top cloud storage providers do go all out to ensure that your files are safe, they can’t provide a 100% security on your data.

For that very reason, it is time to know more about zero-knowledge encryption.

All You Need to Know About Zero-Knowledge Encryption?


Zero-knowledge encryption also known as private encryption is a type of security where cloud storage providers never store your login credentials in their servers.

In other words, they can never find out your password. It is one of the ultimate ways to keep your data private.

Though, if you ever lose your password, it is gone forever. So, make sure never to forget your password.

How does zero-knowledge encryption work?

Glad, you asked!

Most cloud providers retain user login information by giving you access to enter into your account in case you forget or lose your password.

One of the most common ways in recovering your password is typically performed with a question-answer setup.

You, basically enter your pre-selected answer to your chosen pre-selected question, and you get to reset your password.

Typically, this kind of method leaves the door wide open to hackers or others that would want to access your account.

Sounds dangerous, right?

With zero-knowledge encryption, your files are protected as well as your login information.

As previously mentioned, no one knows your login information except you.

You have the pilot seat over your login credentials.

Moreover, these zero-knowledge encryptions will never trace your information, store cookies, and meta tags.

Additionally, only you can access your data because you and only you hold the keys to decrypt it.

Advantages of using zero-knowledge cloud storage:

  • Highest plausible control over your files & data
  • The ability to use in the most convenient and user-friendly cloud storages with the uppermost security
  • Highest safety from data breaches and data privacy
  • No need to trust your provider except the physical protection and storage of your files & data

Disadvantages of using zero-knowledge cloud storage:

  • If you forget your password, you can never access it again, or your data is lost.
  • Some require additional charges and it’s not free.

Which cloud storage providers provide zero-knowledge encryption?

Now that the information about zero-knowledge encryption is out of the way, let’s get to the important stuff!

As you probably know by now, most of the cloud storage providers do not offer zero-knowledge encryption technology as part of their free or standard plan.

In fact, most cloud storage providers don’t provide it. Not even when you are ready to pay for it.

They furnish users convenience in favor of protection and security.

What’s more surprising is that some of the dodgy cloud storage providers do not even have decent security features for their services!

But not to fret!

Here are the best zero-knowledge cloud storage providers:

1. Sync.com

sync.com logo


Mega Logo

3. Tresorit

Tresorit Logo

4. pCloud

pCloud Logo


Zero-knowledge encryption means that your data and files are going to be more secure than Dropbox or Google Drive.

This would be the most effective way to prevent hackers, and since hackers tend to target cloud storage providers, it is strongly recommended to select one that offers this secured featured.

The privacy of your data is your responsibility at the end of the day.

It is up to you on how and where you want to store your data.

After all, zero-knowledge encryption keeps your data like a fortress of privacy.

Even if you’re slightly a bit hesitant about the prices, don’t be – the cloud storage mentioned above are affordable, and some are free, which makes these storage a choice for no brainer.

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